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#Terms & Conditions
General Terms & Conditions:

Our customer service and contact information is:

(309) 228-7665

contact us.
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#Our Policies

We don’t like to read legal jargon any more than you do. Our company places the utmost value on integrity, honesty, and transparency. Here it is plain and simple:

Data Protection Policy:

HOI Technologies agrees to keep your data secure, private and confidential at all times. All data you have on any device will remain private and confidential. Your data is for your eyes only, not even ours as we do not open any files or folders. We only backup your data in one lump sum, scan the entire backup for viruses and then dump it on your backup USB flash drive.

We scan for viruses to ensure you will not be transferring those infections to your new devices. Any backup copy of data we recover for you will be erased within 7 days (less or more time if requested) to ensure a safety backup until you transfer 100% of it to another device. We've had customers lose their backups almost immediately after we gave it to them and this policy ended up saving them.

If you prefer, we can instead perform the data recovery ON-SITE as well, this allows you to watch and learn from the entire process and be handed your secure backup USB flash drive immediately after. Before we leave we will completely erase your old broken device, so nobody else (Identity Thieves) can recover your data as well as deleting our own backup of your data right in front of you.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final, but if you are not satisfied we will make it right. If we make a mistake we’ll fix it fast. If that means spending more time than the original quote or invoice, then we'll do it!

Payment Capture Policy:

We use the secure services of PayPal Virtual Terminal to accept not ony any PayPal payments, but also any credit or debit cards.


By using this site and/or purchasing our services or products you acknowledge the above and understand that we will do everything in our power to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers.